The main aim of the Speak It Up project is to provide a modern informal educational package, that will be consisted of an app and a board game, for youth trainers and youth employers in order to develop young people’s (age 18-30 yr.) public speaking ability in politics.

Concrete Results

  1. SpeakUp! Educational Framework/research-based curriculum
  2. developed and tested e-Handbook that will contain the training content and material on improving young people’s public speaking skills towards youth participation in democratic life
  3. SpeakApp: A developed and tested App, which will function as a complementary learning & assessment tool
  4. The SpeakUp! Board Game
  5. SpeakUp! -Train the trainer with 16 youth workers and youth trainers from all partner countries
  6. Training on SpeakApp and Speak Up Board Game with 40 youngsters (5 per partner)
  7. 8 multiplier events to promote the project results, i.e. Public speaking academy

Work Packages

  1. Project Management
  2. Speak It Up! Educational Framework/Research-based Curriculum & Trainers’ e-Handbook
  3. Speak It Up! Application
  4. Speak It Up! Game Board
  5. Dissemination