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Co-Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Project Code: 2022-1-SE02-KA220-YOU-000086337

Speak It Up-Team In An Online Meeting

We are in the stage of finalizing our research report, aiming to examine and present the current situation of youth public speaking skills for youth participation in a democratic society in contemporary Europe.

Speak it Up! is an Erasmus Plus project and a partnership of eight organizations.

  • Internationella Kvinnoföreningen in Malmö and Möllans Basement (Sweden),
  • Asociacija Aktyvistai (Lithuania),
  • Centrum Edukacyjne EST (Poland),
  • Dracon Rules Design Studio (Greece),
  • EURO-NET (Italy),
  • Stando LTD (Cyprus)

PNEVMA LLC (Bulgaria).More updates to come!

Speak it up-team in an online meeting

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